Payment Plan


Dubai Akoya Selfie is offered at the affordable rates and plans to give shelter to every global citizen. These homes are easily booked by paying 24% amount of the cost immediately and rest can be paid in comfortable six-monthly installments. It is a wonderful opportunity for investors looking for a promising property to invest and it has great potential to appreciate in the quick times. Even people preferring flawless lifestyle and living close to nature can buy these perfect homes to reside in Dubai.

Payment plan for Plots:


Mulberry, Hawthorn & Paloverde (OXYGEN PLOTS)

DP Immediate
1st Installment -
2nd Installment Within 360 days of Sale Date
3rd Installment Within 480 days of Sale Date
4th Installment Within 540 days of Sale Date
5th Installment Within 720 days of Sale Date

Payment plan for Selfie villas:

Installment Description Percentage Milestone Event
DP Deposit 24% Immediate
1001 1st Installment 0% -
1002 2nd Installment 5% Within 180 Days of Sale Date
1003 3rd Installment 5% Within 300 Days of Sale Date
1004 4th Installment 10% Within 540 Days of Sale Date
1005 5th Installment 10% Within 630 Days of Sale Date
1006 6th Installment 10% Within 720 Days of Sale Date
1007 7th Installment 10% Within 900 Days of Sale Date
1008 8th Installment 10% Within 990 Days of Sale Date
1009 9th Installment 10% Within 1080 Days of Sale Date
1010 10th Installment 10% On Completion