Akoya Selfie Villa and Plots Floor Plan

Akoya Selfie is an extraordinary project by Damac. It is plunged in luxuriant facilities and matchless amenities. These are many promising properties offered in the flourishing community of Akoya Oxygen. The project is comprised of beautiful two-floor villas established in the area ranging from 1000-1100 sq ft. These homes are attached with a beautiful lawn, car parking, terrace area, and private garden. Each unit is covered with 1 master bedroom, 2 normal bedrooms, kitchen, living, dining and utility spaces.

Villa-Type RR-EE Ground Floor (462.67 sq.ft.)
Villa-Type RR-EE First Floor (606.06 sq.ft.)

Villa-Type RR-EM Ground Floor (462.67 sq.ft.)

Villa Type RR-EM First Floor (606.06 sq.ft.)

Villa Type RR-M Ground Floor (469.25 sq.ft.)
Villa Type RR-M First Floor (599.47 sq.ft.)